Our history

Golden Planet Company is committed to delivering cost-effective and quality products, services, and project management in different portfolios. GPC is ruling the roost with a presence of over many years. The company is strategically located in Sub-Saharan Africa to serve its clients across Africa and beyond. The company was founded in 2015 and officially registered in 2023. A long-standing presence for over 7 years in the Sub-Saharan region is a testimony to the company’s passion for quality. GPC has inherited a rich legacy from the founder and is successfully carrying forward its principles and values. GPC is engaged in the distribution of products.

The company is one of the renowned importers, exporters, and distributors of different products within South Sudan and beyond its boundary. Golden Planet Company is widely recognized as one of the most professionally managed firms in Africa today, with a team of directors and senior executives who are experts in their chosen fields. Each member of this formidable team offers a range of combined experience in their areas of specialty.

In addition, Golden Planet Company has over 50 highly competent technical and support staff, all working together to deliver sustainable high-quality assets that not only meet but also exceed client expectations. Our operational team can operate in some of the most remote areas across Africa and recently in South Sudan - to create, build and ensure quality for the future. Our rich history of achievements dating back to 2015, is testimony to the proficiency that has always been part of Golden Planet Company management at the various levels of the organization. Management at GPC has irrefutably committed itself to practice the Corporate Governance principles of integrity, respect, and transparency. This ethos forms the basis for managing all our operations, systems, and structures, as well as our organizational culture. Thanks to a clear vision, a commitment to living its values, and above all, its outstanding people, the reputation associated with the Golden Planet Company name is that of integrity, innovation, quality, and service excellence.

Our Mission

  • To complete every project successfully to the client’s expectations, always striving for quality within budget and on time
  • To provide innovative Solutions and services to the African Governments and Private Sectors
  • To Promote corporate and personal growth.

Our Vision

  • To be a significant brand and great company, trusted by our industry and loved by our employees.


  • Integrity & Honesty: Will be fair and accord respect and value to all our customers
  • Commitment to Success: Endeavour to find solutions and exceed the customers’ expectations.
  • Accountability: Be focused, driven by results, professional competence quality, and attention to detail.
  • Team players: Possess positive attitudes amongst ourselves, and the customers and adopt company standards and systems.